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Bread Lover Testimonials

What our customers are saying! 

  • "I just discovered your bread. Thank you! You're my new favorite! (I was a Dave's Killer Bread lover)." ~Sarah

  • "I just wanted to write and tell you how much we enjoy your breads. After stumbling upon it at Sprouts, it is now the only bread I buy for my family. I love knowing that it's something organic and delicious that they love. Thank you for making such a quality product. ~Rachael
  • "Hi, I am a single mom of two and I am looking for new products to try to help my family stay healthy. I'm really interested in your products because they are non-gmo verified and that is something that is very important to me when it comes to my family's health. I'm glad your company has such strong values when it come to what ingredients you put in your products! Thank you!" ~Darian
  • "I just love your Honey Chia bread, and since I have an autoimmune disease and can't have so many things with preservatives, this is just awesome. I love it! I bought some while visiting in Colorado." ~Marsha
  • "Just wanted to let y'all know that this bread (Sprouted Honey Wheat with Flaxseed) is the most delicious bread I have EVER put in my mouth! I just checked your locations choice and found that it IS available at Brookshires in Lindale, TX!!!! Family have been picking it up for me from COSTCO and SPROUTS in the Dallas area (1000 miles away) THANK YOU FOR A WONDERFUL PRODUCT!!!!!! It is the BEST!!!!" ~Cynthia
  • "Aloha Alpine Valley! You guys have the best bread ever! It's the only healthy bread my kids eat. Mahalo from Maui!" ~Mariah
  • "Purchased this for myself at Costco. I work for General Mills and I have been sharing how fabulous your bread is. My husband and I will not eat anything else after eating the Multi Grain. Love It." ~Kim 
  • "I wanted to thank you for this AWESOME BREAD! Thanks for caring enough to label NO GMO! And thank you for no canola. This bread is fabulous!!! ~Debbie
  • "This is the BEST bread I have ever eaten! It is FANTASTIC and I wanted you to know! Keep up the great work! I bought it at Costco in Las Vegas over the weekend and I love it! I will definitely keep eating this bread. ~Teresa"
  • "I get your bread at Costco in Salinas, CA. I love the 21 grain bread. You have a customer forever. Good Stuff!!"~Wayne
  • "Just wanted to drop you a note and let you know how much my family loves your bread. It (Honey Chia) was delicious. Thank you for making a GREAT product with quality that you can taste. ~Neal" 
  • "This is not a request, it's simply a compliment. By far, my very favorite bread EVER is the Nine Grain bread your company makes. Love it!! My only complaint is how few places carry it. I've found it at two military commissary stores but not the local supermarkets in town. Thank you for making such a delicious bread (better than any of the specialty bread shops around!). ~Liz"
  • "So Good - Just like cake. Eat it with peanut butter everyday for lunch. Great texture & flavor. How can I stop eating this bread? Hard to believe it tastes this good & is good for you! Steve"
  • "Delicious!! This is a great product (Organic 12 Grain), I bought it at Costco and will continue to purchase it. I'm hoping Costco does not discontinue carrying it. Even if they do, I will order directly from you. I even have my family and friends purchasing it as well. Thank you" Nanentte
  • "I just want to tell you that I so enjoy your Omega 3 bread. I get it at Costco in Tallahassee, Florida. One a month ago, Costco had sold out of Omega 3 and I settled for another, not Alpine, and I could hardly wait until we went back to see if Costco had restocked!! Myron
  • "Hello! Thank you for producing a wonderful product. I came across your 21 Whole Grains bread in the two pack at Costco. Wow! This is the best bread I have ever had. Ever. Toasted it is heaven. With butter, of course. ;) I just had to tell you how much I love your bread. I am officially addicted to it. Cheers! Karen"
  • "Have recently discovered your Omega 3 organic bread at our local Costco. Fantastic bread, excellent chewy texture and lovely flavour. I have taken the liberty of lauding your bread to the Florida Publix Markets chain and suggesting they carry it. I'm hoping that more of your varieties become available here so that I may try them all. Good organic breads are hard to find! Eric"
  • "I know this may sound ridiculous writing about an exquisite bread. However, for the last year I have been getting your Multi Grain with Omega 3 from Costco for about a year now. In my 60 years of life...I can say that without a doubt or reservations, that bread is the best tasting bread I have ever had. Please, whatever you do, never change the recipe. There is bread...and there is bread. You guys, by far, set the standard. Thank you... Trent"
  • "Just wanted to let you know, I love this bread. Thank you very much. Keep doing what you are doing! Casey"
  • "Please don't change a thing. It's great. Jeff"
  • "I just wanted to thank you for making a great tasting low-carb bread. Your 12 Grain at only 9g carb per slice is just perfect to fit into my diabetic diet and I don't have to give up taste or quality of ingredients. Amy"
  • "My husband and I recently discovered your Multi Grain Omega-3 bread, and we absolutely love it. It is by far the most delicious bread we have ever tasted. In addition, the fact that it is organic, Non-GMO, high fiber, and high protein makes this bread far superior to all others in our opinion. Thank you! Karen"
  • "Just wanted to write and say I love your breads! They are amazing and the perfect amount of everything! Low calories, organic, high fiber, etc. This should be on top of every super food lists! Thank you for making such an amazing product. Brittany"
  • "Just wanted to thank you for making Multi Grain Omega-3, which is by far my favorite bread EVER. The rich moisture content combined with healthy, satisfying ingredients makes every toasted piece a real treat. Whether topped with margarine or butter, made into a sandwich or used for French toast, eating your amazing creation is always one of the high points of my day. Every time I go to Costco I pick up several loaves. Please keep making it for a long time,just the way you do now! Ted"
  • "Omg, what a delicious surprise I just had. I've been buying Ezekiel bread for over a year now but I saw your bread at Costco's & decided to try it. Wish I had done that sooner, it is so yummy! Hard to believe its good for you when it tastes so good. I toasted it with some Smart Balance spread & was in bread heaven for a few delightful moments. Thank you for making such a wonderful product. I've already started sharing it with everyone. Frances"
  • "I just wanted to say that this is the best bread I have ever purchased. I found it at our Clovis, CA Costco. I love to bake bread and mine always drys out after a few days. We ate a loaf and froze one. It froze and thawed just as good as the fresh was. Thanks and I wish your business all the best. Vivian"
  • "After years of searching for the perfect bun for garden burgers, I discovered your hamburger buns today at Sprouts, Oro Valley. I feel like Goldilocks: They are not too large or too small; not too soft or too firm - but perfect! Thank you for making them! Bunny"
  • "Hi, I don't usually write to companies, but I just have to tell you that the honey wheat bread is quite possibly the best bread I've ever had!! I'm on Weight Watchers and haven't had bread for quite awhile, just because the point value is higher on bread and I have avoided it. But your honey wheat bread is only 1 point per slice and it is fabulous. I had just decided to skip eating bread altogether until I tried yours because diet breads are just not good enough. Fran"
  • "We just wanted to take a moment to tell you how wonderful your Omega 3 Bread is. We discovered it at Costco last year and will eat no other bread. We have also introduced it to lots of friends. Let us know if you ever go public on the NYSE I would bet you will do well! Scott & Julia"
  •  "Hi AVB, I found your bread at Costco and I wanted to let you know it is the best bread ever. I am grateful to have such a qualtiy product in my household. Blessings to you and yours, and keep up the fantastic work. Sincerely, Rev. Tony"

  • Hello! My family has been getting your organic nice grain bread for a few months. We get it from Bountiful Baskets when they drop off in Pierre, SD. We are pretty much addicted to it! Love it! Jeff

  • May have said it before, but this is the best bread since sliced bread was invented. Lowest in fat, sodium, calories, carbs. LOVE IT. I get it in Sprouts. Either 12 grain or multi-grain. I buy two loaves at a time and keep one in the freezer. I am on Weight Watches and when I have 2 slices of AV bread, I don't feel guilty. It's so tasty you THINK it must not be healthy. But it IS. Bye, bye to other bread. Karen

  • The 12 Grain with Omega 3 is absolutely fantastic and only 46 calories per slice! I can have a great tasting healthy sandwich and stay on my diet. Thanks Alpine Valley. Brenda

  • I just tried your product for the first time, and it is absolutely delicious. It will definitely be part of my weight management program this year. Barbara

What our Facebook friends are saying!

  • "Dear Alpine Valley Bread Company...I am so in love with your bread. Especially the Oat Bran, and 12 Grain with Omega 3. I'm living a low carb lifestyle lately, and can once again have my "cake" and eat it too. Thank you so much for your wonderful bread! I'm very lucky to find it locally at Raley's!" Russ
  • "Alpine Country White with Organic Butter for the epic win. Happy to know that White Bread is in fact good for you! Brian
  • "Organic healthy bread that tastes better than all other breads! I love it! Steve
  • "Apple Cinnamon bread, lightly toasted, and topped with sliced banana is so YUMMY! Better than apple pie! My new favorite snack! Love it!" Ashley
  • "I love the sprouted honey wheat! I just bought a loaf from Natural Grocers, and I think I've finally found the perfect bread!" Laurie
  • "Found your Multigrain Omega 3 Bread at Costco recently and fell in love with it. Nothing else compares. Thanks for a great product!":) Roxanne
  • "Wow was given a loaf of omega and will never eat any other kind of bread again! This is so awesome and each bit is filled with delicious goodness!!" Traci
  • "I bought the 21 Grain at Sprouts, LOVE IT! Will never go back to regular breads!!! Thank you!" Sarah